Wednesday, 3 December 2014


This is a short entry that outlines a few points we need to consider before each event.

  • We use LRP Alliance for insurance.
  • At our events we always have a named person responsible for medic stuff. They are responsible for keeping the first aid box up to date and appropriate to the event we’re running.
  • When we are using guns we call the police first, and we tell them that we’ll be running an event that uses replica weapons. We also give them the site location and a contact phone number of the contact phone on site.
  • We have a letter from the police that outlines why we are exempt from the vcr bill. This is useful as it makes the Police less likely to arrest us. There is a copy of it here.
  • We own our own radios. We have a licence to use them and stick to the terms. 
    EDIT: We need this because while most people use PMR446 radios we use 'better' ones which have to be licenced. Most events won't need this.

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