Friday, 27 February 2015


I started LRPing on the edge of a massive group of incredibly talented people. As a result I have always had access to interesting insightful games and I have learnt from people who try to do the ridiculous. We create games that we think are interesting and possibly pushing boundaries.

I’m currently tempted to take some people on holiday with me so they can run an event at my destination. I’d also like to run an event were people pull a t-shirt out of a box and it has their character card on the front - that’s what they play.

Tell me your stupid ideas. Tell me the things you want to see and do at events. What ridiculous system do you want to play?

Monday, 16 February 2015


I've moved the blog. For the past few weeks old entries have been appearing every Monday at Larp.Guide.
From now on new entries will also be appearing there. 
There's a new entry there today. 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Roleplay - If you don't like it LRP probably isn't for you.

Everyone has role play traits that annoy them. For me, it's people saying huzzah and using archaic terms. It jars and feels unnatural. Its not what I'm there for. There's been a post on Reddit suggesting that there are no good games that combine combat and roleplaying well. It's referring to American games, and my initial reaction was that this is something we have achieved. Here in the UK I'm aware of games that do have a good balance of fighting that you can get caught up and a decent world to play those characters in. However, I'm also aware that people would be able to pick holes in the way we fight (I've heard both that we're not violent enough, and that we're too violent. Recent discussions about headshots showed how divided people are about these things).